The zooming presentation
tool of PowerPoint
Create zooming
visual journeys
in PowerPoint
Map your ideas in a free space. Show the big picture of your ideas and zoom in on the fine details.

Navigate dynamically among alternative story lines depending on your audience's preference.
It's easy!
Install it as a PowerPoint add-in or as a completely offline application or...
2 the SlideRide button in PowerPoint or open a PPTX file in SlideRide.
Position / size the slides in a free space, the way they are in your mind.
Switch to PowerPoint anytime to edit and manage the slides.
Save your presentation map into the PowerPoint file or as an offlie website.
Launch your visual journey style, zooming presentation.
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Add a new dimension
to your PowerPoint presentations
SlideRide is aimed at organizations whose professionals want to present PowerPoint slides as a map of interlinked ideas without losing productivity or risking data security.
SlideRide is an offline Windows desktop application and supports unattended installation. It is a product of ChartBase Ltd. and is available for a per annum license fee. Contact us at for terms and demo. Privacy.
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